Harnessing stem cells to cure disease is the hottest topic in knee pain, spinal conditions and arthritis treatment today. 

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Avoid Joint Replacements

  • Stem Cells

    Stem Cells

    Injections of adult stem cells are now possible and have shown life changing results in providing cartilage repair and treating osteoarthritis.

  • Will It Work?

    Will It Work?

    These treatments are currently largely used by people with sports injuries and orthopedic conditions, for faster recovery times and better results.

  • What Does It Cost?

    What Does It Cost?

    At Cendant Cellular Therapies we think that cost should not be an obstacle to getting your quality of life back. We put these procedures within reach of most budgets.

Patient Testimonials

  • The PRP-Stem Cell Procedure you performed has resulted in significant improvement in my right shoulder. As you know, when I first consulted you, I was in constant pain and had very limited mobility in the right arm and shoulder as well as functional limitations.

    Mike Billings
  • I would like to personally thank you for completing the Stem Cell therapy on my shoulder. Not only after three weeks do I have absolutely no pain in my shoulder I was able to avoid having invasive shoulder surgery with a long recovery period.

    Julia Pearson
  • I LOVE this place!!! I went in for a consultation and they took there time and explained EVERYTHING to me and they answered ALL of my questions... and I had a lot of them!! When I went in for my treatment everyone was so sweet and went out of their way to make me feel comfortable with the procedure. I liked it so much that I am taking both of my parents in to see about their joint issues .

    Tanya F.
  • Strange or crazy as this may seem, I am Happy to report that this weekend I/we successfully defended our Colorado State Open Tennis Tournament doubles title in our age division.......... For the second straight year...... Unbelievable!!! Weak knees to boot. And both my partner & I wear huge knee braces and we look awful, but we got the job done!!! Thought you guys would enjoy reading this

    Rich D.
  • "I was living with excruciating,24/7 pain, in my right knee. I contacted Cendant Cellular Therapies and on June 17th I had the stem cell and PRP injections. After 1 month following the injections, the majority of my pain was gone and I could finally return to my normal activities of daily living. At this time I have some pain that is tolerable and know that this will disappear as I continue to heal. My experience was so positive that I will have the same treatment on the other knee in the future."

    Carol L
  • I contacted several health organizations that perform stem cell procedures as I was due to have a partial knee replacement and was reluctant to do so. I contacted Cendant and after meeting with them I decided to have them do the stem cell for my knee. I was also having severe planter fasciitis and they treated my foot as well. I have been so pleased with the results that I decided to do the face lift procedure. Their staff is warm and friendly and I would highly recommend them. ( They are also very reasonably priced )

    Mary Gukich
  • The stem cell treatment changed my life! I'm back in the game.

    Stephen Hunt