Time to Crush COVID

In the midst of this super-virus keeping it’s hold on America there may be treatment options based around stem cells. The FDA cleared treatment from a team at Mesoblast Ltd. shows “medicinal signaling cells” or MSC’s wiping the virus, slowing the immune response, and repairing damage. These cells can increase the amount of virus-fighting T cells which can potentially help even the most critical patients.

MSC’s are powerful cells in our bodies and the potential use for them is enormous. Coronavirus infection primarily affects the lungs causing pneumonia, acute lung injury and potentially acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), which can cause respiratory failure. There are clinical trials using mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) for the treatment of acute lung injury underway,, and these have shown promising early results, however limited supply, difficulty with storage and distribution, and risk of iatrogenic disease limit the potential of this type of therapy.

MPC’s or “Mesenchymal Precursor Cells” are also power-packed cells which can aid in the fight of multiple issues that affect millions of Americans. Chronic lower back pain, caused by a damaged disc can be mediated with MPCs which have an anti-inflammatory effect and can strengthen the integrity of damaged discs. Chronic heart failure can also be treated with MPC’s because they can regenerate heart muscle. Even Rheumatoid arthritis patients have seen results with Mesoblast’s help in using MPC’s to radically target cytokine pathways.

The positive preclinical studies on MSC exosomes as a therapy for ARDS and their inhibitory activity on similar viruses may warrant expedited investigation of MSC exosomes as a readily available therapy for coronavirus infection. The next steps may involve in vitro studies of the effects of MSC exosomes on lung epithelial cells incubated with coronavirus. Rapid investigation of these naturally occurring stem cell exosomes may help to reduce the morbidity and mortality of this pandemic virus. Cendant Stem Cell Center now has a single visit Stem Cell Exosome IV treatment for patients that need to boost their immune system and have a powerful viral inhibitor.  This treatment is for those who do not have Covid-19 but for those who want additional defense against the virus.