Mary Ann’s Review of Cendant Stem Cell Center

In my experience the staff at Cendant was very professional.  They are medical doctors, not chiropractors or similarly trained professionals.  Dr. Holt has had over 35 years treating joint issues and was rated one of the most esteemed doctors in his past medical practice.( I checked all this out)  He has been on the cutting edge of medicine and always has his patients’ best interests in mind. He truly cares about his patients, wants what’s best for us and continues to follow up with us to see how we’re progressing. Not everyone who comes in for a consultation is recommended for the procedures.  Centdant is not a stem cell injection mill!   My experience with Cendant has been superb.  It is in your best interest to have Centant evaluate your joint problems.

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Deanna’s Review of Cendant Stem Cell Center

Cendant Stem Cell Center offers the very best stem cell treatment at a reasonable cost with excellent patient care. Their cutting edge process is designed to give the most comprehensive treatment with the least amount of pain and healing time possible. They have a high success rate, and the reviews on their website really helped me choose them as my clinic. Because stem cell therapy is not covered by insurance, it was important for me that Cendant offers their treatment at a lower cost than other providers who have the over head of a larger office.

The very best part about Cendant is their staff. I trust their doctor implicitly. He is a specialist with over 30 years of experience working on joints. He told me that 20 years ago, the work he does today would be considered a miracle. I would happily refer any of my friends and family to the clinic and would go to get other joints worked on.


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Chrissy’s Review of Cendant Stem Cell Center

When I went in for my first appointment, my knee was bone on bone and my ortho doctor had recommended a replacement. I actually had that surgery scheduled when I found Cendant. I went to see what all they had to say, and Dr. Holt and his staff were very informative and helpful. Post procedure, they were always there for any questions or concerns I had, I never felt like I was on my own. Now it is just over a year later and things are going well. No replacement in my near future!


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Jim’s Review of Cendant Stem Cell Center

I went to Cendant Stem Cell Center in Englewood, Colorado for stem cell treatments on both of my knees and shoulder. I got the full treatment of all four different kinds of stem cells. I went to Cendant because their price was very competitive even compared to flying to different cities across the USA. Everyone there from Dr Holt to his entire staff (esp. Anton and Dave) was very friendly, professional and accommodating to my schedule. The process was simple and not very long at all. As for the results I will have to wait and update as my knees are in really bad shape (bone on bone) but I am hopeful. I intend to go back for a booster soon and recommend to others.


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Steve’s Review of Cendant Stem Cell Center

I went in to see Dr. Holt about my knee pain. I could no longer go up and down step ladders, and suffered greatly with common stairwells. After my consultation with Dr. Holt, I elected to have both knees done at the same time. It has now been ~5 months, and over these past 5 months my level of pain has dropped to the point that most of the time, I don’t even think about going up or down steps, or even step ladders. I am back to hiking trails, and will be on my bicycle again this next spring. My wife pushed me to do this, as she was tired of watching me always being in pain. She now says I no longer exhibit the signs of pain, and that I move (On trails and around the house) the way I did before my knees got so bad. Dr Holt and his staff were very supportive, helped me through the process, and explained every detail from procedural information, to daily expectations, and how to get back into working out again! I’m at ~5 months, and was told gains can continue to happen out to 8 months to a year. At this point, I am very pleased indeed! Thank you Dr. Holt & staff.


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Donald’s Review of Cendant Stem Cell Center

Like many of us trying to stay fit as we age, I was at the gym doing some light weight squats and took the squat a little too far. Wore a knee brace for several months. Had an MRI, hey its a torn meniscus, you need surgery. Had the procedure done by a different doctor, it never felt good. I would do a little activity, and a swollen knee many times over. I was frustrated.

Did some research and found Dr. Holt at Cendant Stem Cell Center. The whole office and staff, everyone is very professional. I had my consultation with Dr. Holt and he prepared his recommendation for the type of stem cell injection into my knee. At this time I was limping and wearing my brace. Scheduled my appointment and it took just a morning to get it all done. Took it easy for a few days, but I saw improvement right away. The knee was not swollen any more, the pain went away. Progress week after week. Two months after the procedure, I skied down a black diamond run. No knee pain, no swelling. Its been 4 months now, up and down stairs without pain or discomfort. No swelling. I walk the dogs around the block (2 miles) no problem.

Cannot say enough about Dr. Holt and his team. Very professional, very experienced, knowledgeable and they took really good care of me. He fixed my knee. Worth every dollar. I would do it again.


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