Mary’s Video Review of Cendant Stem Cell Center

I put off dealing with knees as long as I could. I was terrified of having a replacement. So I started exploring and there are many possibilities these days for stem cells. So then I started researching and narrowed it down to what I felt was the absolute best option and that was Cendant Stem Cell Center. And with the process you are there, you are awake, you are visiting, this is the only way to go. And the recovery time is only a couple of days. My knees would keep me awake and now I sleep beautifully. I am back to bouncing up and down my stairs 14 times a day and you know it just made my life so much better.

Video Review of Cendant Stem Cell Center

My knees were so painful that in order to walk up the stairs I had to go one at a time. I was awakened at night in a lot of pain and I really wanted to avoid knee replacement surgery. My husband and I did a lot of research and decided that stem cell therapy was a viable way to go to make improvement on my knees. We came to Cendant Stem Cell Center to get more information, we got all the information that we needed. We felt really comfortable with the doctor and the staff. Felt respected like part of the family. 6 weeks after I had that treatment I was on a river cruise 17 days I was walking on cobblestones, I was walking up and down in these small towns and I did not have any problems. My knees felt really good. And more that 3 years later I could run up and down the stairs if I want. I went hiking with my friends. Life is good.