cendant stem cell center reviews

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cendant stem cell center reviews

“I am 63 and rather active when my hip started to hurt. I was in real pain and X-rays showed ware from years of soccer and heavy lifting. Kaiser immediately suggested a hip replacement. I found Dr. Holt and after consulting with him we decided Stem Cell treatment. Yes, it was an out of pocket expense but the best investment I’ve ever made. The two hour therapy with my own ‘material’ enables me now to play golf without pain after only 6 weeks. The rebuilding of healthy and stronger cell tissue around my joint will take months. I can only recommend you to see Dr. Holt and his knowledgeable staff. I even allow them to share my cell phone number if you’re uncertain and may have questions. – Do it now and keep enjoying what you’ve been doing.” – Cendant Stem Cell Center Reviews on Google.

“I went to Cendant Stem Cell Center in Englewood, Colorado for stem cell treatments on both of my knees and shoulder. I got the full treatment of all four different kinds of stem cells. I went to Cendant because their price was very competitive even compared to flying to different cities across the USA. Everyone there from Dr Holt to his entire staff (esp. Anton and Dave) was very friendly, professional and accommodating to my schedule. The process was simple and not very long at all. As for the results I will have to wait and update as my knees are in really bad shape (bone on bone) but I am hopeful. I intend to go back for a booster soon and recommend to others.” – Cendant Stem Cell Center Reviews on Google.

“I went in to see Dr. Holt about my knee pain. I could no longer go up and down step ladders, and suffered greatly with common stairwells. After my consultation with Dr. Holt, I elected to have both knees done at the same time. It has now been ~5 months, and over these past 5 months my level of pain has dropped to the point that most of the time, I don’t even think about going up or down steps, or even step ladders. I am back to hiking trails, and will be on my bicycle again this next spring. My wife pushed me to do this, as she was tired of watching me always being in pain. She now says I no longer exhibit the signs of pain, and that I move (On trails and around the house) the way I did before my knees got so bad. Dr Holt and his staff were very supportive, helped me through the process, and explained every detail from procedural information, to daily expectations, and how to get back into working out again! I’m at ~5 months, and was told gains can continue to happen out to 8 months to a year. At this point, I am very pleased indeed! Thank you Dr. Holt & staff.” – Cendant Stem Cell Center Reviews on Google.

“I visited Cendant Stem Cell Center after being advised I needed a total right knee replacement, right hip replacement and 3 different back surgeries. Six months ago I received stem cell injections in the right knee, hip and spine. Today I am no longer using a walker, can climb stairs, travel, and have recently started line dancing again. The professionals at Cendant have changed my life and not once have I regretted making the choice or investment to better my health!” – Cendant Stem Cell Center Reviews on Google.

“When I went in for my first appointment, my knee was bone on bone and my ortho doctor had recommended a replacement. I actually had that surgery scheduled when I found Cendant. I went to see what all they had to say, and Dr. Holt and his staff were very informative and helpful. Post procedure, they were always there for any questions or concerns I had, I never felt like I was on my own. Now it is just over a year later and things are going well. No replacement in my near future!” – Cendant Stem Cell Center Reviews on Google.