What Does It Cost?

At your initial consultation and exam our Physician will assess your condition and discuss your treatment options, which may or may not include Stem Cell procedures.  At this time however, these regenerative medicine treatments are not covered by insurance.  However, with financing, many patients can get their painful joints treated for a minimum investment.

The total cost will depend on the:

  • severity and extent of your medical condition
  • how long you have had this problem
  • number of joints/areas that need to be treated
  • Common 1st generation treatment or newer Cendant Core Fiber Matrix procedures
  • Single source or multiple source (fat, bone marrow and/or umbilical) derived stem cells

Each patient’s medical requirement is unique and all our procedures are individualized just for you. Therefore a consultation with the physician (over the phone or face-to-face) is needed to decide the best treatment option (and exact cost) for you.  Stem cell treatment for a single major joint (knee/hip/shoulder) starts at $3300 and goes up if multiple stem cell sources or fiber matrix materials are used.

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What is the cost of not acting?

Joint and back problems from arthritis and sports injuries are often a progressive condition that will only get worse with time.  The longer you wait the worse the joint may become and the less likely you will be able to avoid costly and painful surgeries such as joint replacement.  You may already be witnessing a decline in your overall health and quality of life – from simple things like walking, going up and down stairs or favorite sports and activities.   Regenerative Stem Cell treatments may be the solution that gets you back to health and back to the things in life you’ve always enjoyed.   Call today for your exam and consultation.