Stephen D. Holt., M.D.

Dr. Holt has more than 35 years of experience in Internal Medicine and Rheumatology.  His board certification number is #56481.  He has seen the field of regenerative medicine grow and develop into a far-reaching discipline which provides treatment options that heal the root cause of a patient’s pain and dysfunction. Dr. Holt is committed to providing state of the art treatments that his patients could not have even imagined at the beginning of his career. He enjoys restoring mobility, reducing pain, and improving the overall quality of his patients’ lives.

Dr. Holt developed rheumatology department at Little Rock Diagnostic Clinic, now one of the largest rheumatology practices in the U.S. He is a founding member of the Arkansas Osteoporosis Center with the first bone density measuring device. He is also a founding member of the LRDC research foundation. He lives in Denver with his wife.