Turn thinning hair into beautiful hair

Stem cells are a unique, powerful type of cell present in each of our bodies that fight disease, repair damage and re-grow important cells such as those necessary for the growth of skin and hair.  Hair regeneration is a treatment for thinning hair and hair loss using ACell, a  new FDA approved Extracellular Matrix tissue-regenerating product that is being used extensively in surgery to stimulate stem cells and enhance success in heart bypass and organ transplantation.  ACell is combined with the patient’s Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), an isolated serum from a patient’s own blood and then injected into the scalp.  The injection repairs damaged tissue at the follicular level and is the closest researchers have come to hair cloning.   This advanced treatment promotes the growth of hair, improves miniaturized follicles, and extends the lifecycle of your hair strands.

News features PRP + ACell Therapy

PRP + ACell  – A Breakthrough in Hair Regeneration Technology

Cendant Cellular Therapies provides a safe haven for patients seeking caring, professional help in a private, clinical setting.  All hair procedures are performed by  Dr. Stephen Holt who understand the fears and anxieties patients face with hair loss.  More often than not, people come to us after having explored other options and have decided they do not want to experience the pain and expense associated with hair transplant surgery.  An Effective, safe and affordable hair procedure is now available with Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) + ACell.  We offer a free exam and consultation where we can discuss potential treatment and answer all your questions.

Cendant Cellular Therapies now offers this ground breaking medical solution for the following patients:

• Hereditary hair loss and other causes • Lack of hair growth in the eyebrows • Those with insufficient donor hair for surgery • Increasing hair density without surgery • Retaining hair that’s started to thin or shed

The  PRP + ACell Procedure

We begin with a small collection of your blood.  Special laboratory technology is used to separate the platelet rich plasma from your blood. The PRP provides the foundation for a solution loaded with growth factor, naturally occurring chemicals and hormones that foster hair rejuvenation. The PRP is then mixed with calcium chloride. The higher concentrations of calcium chloride cause the platelets to react as if a tissue injury has occurred. The platelets then release at least 7 different growth factors (receptor proteins) that trigger stem cells to grow younger tissue. Your PRP is mixed with ACell and then injected  into your scalp targeting the areas where your current hair growth is diminishing.  PRP + ACell causes miniaturized hair follicles to become healthier and larger, producing more robust hair growth.  You leave our clinic looking no different in appearance than when you came in. The entire procedure takes about 90 minutes and is virtually painless. You can resume normal daily activity immediately upon leaving the clinic. New hair growth can be seen as early as 1 month and will continue to improve up to a year after treatment.

PRP Studies in Hair Restoration

In an issue of Prime, a peer review journal for Aesthetic Medicine, Gilbert Amgar, MD and Pierre Bouhanna, MD discuss the affects of PRP on skin and hair loss disorders. Dr. Bouhanna is an eminent Dermatologist from Paris and expert in hair loss disorders. You can read the article at the link here.