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Stop Joint Pain Without Surgery

If you’re in need of relief from chronic pain due to arthritis, sports injuries or are facing a joint replacement Surgery, Cendant Stem Cell Center may have a solution that can end your joint pain without cutting and a long recovery.

Through advanced Cendant Stem Cell treatments, your adult Stem Cells are combined with Fiber Matrix and your body’s own platelets to activate and stimulate healing and speed repair for cartilage, bone and soft tissue injuries. These therapies enable your body to repair injured tissues, reduce inflammation and ultimately heal itself without the need for artificial replacements.  This breakthrough technology in natural healing is now available in Denver and our new Brookfield, Wisconsin clinic.

Cendant Stem Cell Center

Stem Cells

Injections of adult stem cells are now possible and have shown life changing results in providing cartilage repair and treating osteoarthritis.

Cendant Stem Cell Center

Extracelluler Fiber Matrix

Fiber Matrix is a breakthrough technology that provides Stem Cells structure for cartilage and bone growth.

Cendant Stem Cell Center

Will It Work?

These treatments are a time proven alternative to surgery for many facing joint replacement, sports injuries and orthopedic conditions.

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