Stem cell therapy could be a possible solution for
athletes looking to heal specific sports injuries.

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Stem cell therapy could be a possible solution for
athletes looking to heal specific sports injuries.

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Your Complete Guide To Stem Cell Therapy For Sports Injuries

If you’re an athlete suffering from damaged tendons, degenerated cartilage, or sore muscles, stem cell therapy for sports injuries may be a solution for you.

Hines Ward was one of the first athletes to utilize stem cell therapy for his sports injuries. Many other star athletes from around the world have also used this therapy, including Alex Rodriguez, Stephen Curry, and Christiano Ronaldo. 

While the field of regenerative medicine is still relatively new, recent advancements have athletes turning to stem cell therapy to treat specific sports-related injuries. According to some researchers, stem cells can help heal injuries faster, along with: 

 Decreasing pain from long-term injuries 

 Faster recoveries 

 Regain function and flexibility in joints 

 Reduced grating sensations 

 Delaying or avoiding joint replacement surgery 

How Does Stem Cell Therapy for Sports Injuries Work?

Sports medicine developed out of the need to help athletes recover from musculoskeletal injuries that are bound to happen from playing most sports. The most common injuries include damage to wrists, shoulders, elbows, knees, hips, and ankles. But now, sports medicine also covers more complex issues involving cartilage, tendons, ligaments, and muscles, especially in the back and neck. 

Enter stem cells, also nicknamed the “master cells.” Doctors gather stem cells from various sources, including your very own bone marrow. They can potentially repair, replace, and regenerate cells because stem cells can duplicate and develop into different types of cells that the damaged area needs the most. So, for example, if an athlete suffers from a torn Achilles tendon, stem cells may help regenerate and replace damaged tendon cells. 

Many athletes consider stem cell therapy for treating joints. Traditional treatment for torn ligaments and tendons is replacing the entire joint. While replacing the joint may still be the best treatment option for some athletes depending on the damage, injecting stem cells directly into the joint may be the best healing alternative. 

Some common sports injuries that athletes choose to use stem cell therapy include: 

Tennis elbow 


Achilles tendonitis 

ACL tear 

Shin splints 

Some athletes have reported being successful with stem cell therapy in conjunction with physical therapy and rest. The FDA has not approved stem cell therapy for sports injuries, and researchers continue to explore possible treatments. However, please consult your doctor if you think you may be a candidate for stem cell therapy. 

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact the team at Cendant Stem Cell Center.

Is Stem Cell Therapy Right For You?

When at-home treatments don’t seem to help, and you’re not interested in having surgery, stem cell therapy for back pain can be an alternative solution.

If over-the-counter remedies, stretches, and anti-inflammatories don’t seem to be helping, there is a new, up-and-coming solution that could be the answer to your back pain woes. Some researchers state that stem cell therapy for back pain not only stops the pain but also helps strengthen your back, so the pain does not return.

At Cendant Stem Cell Center, we inject ethically sourced stem cells in the area where you are experiencing pain. Then, the stem cells get to work, multiplying and regenerating to heal the damage. We don’t approve stem cell therapy for everyone. After an extensive review of your current condition and medical history, we will determine if you are a candidate for stem cell therapy.  

Speak with a Care Coordinator today for a more accurate assessment of your condition and treatment options.

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