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Stem cells and Leukemia Treatment

Have you heard of the so-called “leukemic stem cell”? These cells reside within bone marrow in a “malignant niche” which promotes survival and proliferation. Bone marrow contains hematopoietic stem cells which give a body’s blood cells an infinite life line. That is a good thing until the hematopoietic stem cell undergoes a genetic mutation by […]

Stem Cell Therapy Repairs Parkinson’s Degeneration in Mice, Study Shows

Human stem cells can repair Parkinson’s disease-damaged neural circuits and restore motor function in mice, a recent study found. The study, “Human Stem Cell-Derived Neurons Repair Circuits and Restore Neural Function,” was published in the journal Cell Stem Cell. Stem cells are able to continuously divide and transform into other types of cells. Because of […]

Time to Crush COVID

In the midst of this super-virus keeping it’s hold on America there may be treatment options based around stem cells. The FDA cleared treatment from a team at Mesoblast Ltd. shows “medicinal signaling cells” or MSC’s wiping the virus, slowing the immune response, and repairing damage. These cells can increase the amount of virus-fighting T […]

Stem Cells: 10 Diseases They May or May Not be Cured

Since 2009 when President Obama lifted the ban on federal funding for embryonic stem cell research, scientists have had new prospects for developing medical treatments over the last 10 years. The hype over the embryonic cells comes from their remarkable ability, to become virtually any of the body’s cell types. At the time of the […]