Does Stem Cell Therapy for Lupus Alleviate Symptoms?

Lupus sufferers can experience pain and flare-ups in any part of the body at any time. This autoimmune disease involves the attack of healthy tissue by the body’s immune system. Most sufferers experience symptoms in their joints and on their skin. However, serious flare-ups can lead to organ damage. Among the most commonly affected organs are the heart, the kidneys and the brain.

Symptoms differ from person to person. Some will experience mild symptoms infrequently, while others will experience severe symptoms on a regular basis. Unfortunately, the best sufferers can hope for is the alleviation of symptoms. There is no cure for lupus — only a series of medications and therapeutic treatments aimed at lessening the frequency and severity of symptoms. 

When people suffer from excessively painful or life-threatening symptoms, they may be offered cytotoxic drugs, which destroy rapidly growing cells. When a person’s hyperactive immune system produces too many antibodies too quickly, these drugs carry out a “search and destroy” mission. But relief from lupus symptoms often comes at a price. These toxic medications can have serious consequences for the patient’s immune system and blood toxicity levels. And when these side effects occur, other conditions — including hair loss and pneumonia — become more likely.

Stem Cell Therapy May Offer Relief from the Symptoms of Lupus

The most effective therapies control the body’s immune response and minimize the effects of flare-ups. While traditional therapies deliver results for many, some people are forced to live with debilitating side effects. But there is hope, and it comes in the form of stem cell therapy. 

When stem cells are administered intravenously, they can help to regulate the body’s immune responses. Clinicians and researchers are using the patient’s own stem cells for this revolutionary, regenerative therapy for lupus. And the results in many cases are so positive, a lot of patients are coping with their symptoms without the need for drugs. 

Stem cells are the building blocks of the human body. Just about every cell in your body was initially created by a stem cell. And it is this regenerative property that makes them ideal for repairing damaged tissue. While more research is needed, there’s now real hope that this type of therapeutic treatment can become a game-changer for lupus sufferers. 

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